Search engine optimization. It’s one of the simplest and most powerful tools to boost your business.

Simple — but not easy.

See, SEO is far more than plugging in some keywords and watching your clicks soar. It’s a dedicated process. One that’s ineffective and possibly a waste of time if you are merely dabbling.

So as you consider relying on SEO to bring more eyeballs to your site — or employing someone to do the heavy lifting for you — consider these five things:

  1. It’s never “set it and forget it”

Search engine optimization is an ongoing task. The way people browse for information, and the way search engines respond, are constantly evolving. Strategists in the field (OK, we mean us) can advise you on how to keep up with the latest advancements to keep your website top-of-mind.


  1. It requires constant content

The more relevant content you can produce, the higher you’ll rank in relevant searches. And the word “relevant” is doing a lot of heavy lifting here. Gone are the days where you could juice page views with misleading or empty-calorie articles. Keyword stuffing is a thing of the past. If readers click away quickly, it doesn’t help (and can even hurt) your SEO ranking. So be prepared to routinely offer strong, worthwhile content to attract more readers.


  1. It may require a site overhaul

Page speed is vital to SEO. If sites load-slow, readers click away. If a page looks ugly, readers click away. If a page looks ancient, readers click away. And if readers don’t linger, search engines register that site as irrelevant. So as you are preparing to boost your business through SEO, consider your site as a whole. When was the last time it was given a facelift? Might now be the time?


  1. It requires the right keywords

It’s trickier than it sounds. Almost anyone can boost their SEO with dedicated effort. You can do the research, and position your site to start climbing the rankings. But that approach often brings merely mediocre returns. You get some juice, and some engagement. But there’s a whole lot more of the apple left. Experts in the field can help you optimize for local search — the best eyeballs to convert into customers — and make use of specific keywords (as opposed to generic) or long-tail keywords. Bringing you the most effectiveness for your effort.


  1. It’s more than just keywords

Sure, the right keywords are crucial. But they are just the first step. You also have to understand title tags and meta descriptions and image naming solutions. And you need web analytics software to track what’s working and what’s not.


And remember, you’re writing for humans, not search engines. If no one finds your content worth lingering on, the rest is irrelevant.

Search Engine Optimization can be a terrific boost for your business.

It helps generate leads, bring in new eyeballs and reinforce reputations at the top of the industry. Every business looking to expand and grow should commit resources to SEO. If it’s something you’re interested in, drop us a line. We offer full-service digital marketing, and are well versed in SEO strategy.

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