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The last few years have brought tremendous change to the RV Industry. From the sold out products to increased demand for parts and service, RV owners, manufacturers and retailers have had to quickly adapt to these changes.

That’s where Savvie comes in. We helped create messaging to not only sell products and services, but protect the brand as a whole. In addition to website design, email campaigns and print material production, social media community management and online review monitoring played a key role in ensuring our clients’ digital success.

Marketing & Branding Strategy

Service, parts, manufacturing and more. Not only did Savvie create messaging to sell RVs, but to create brand loyalty and support RV owners with aftermarket parts and service plans. A very strong brand strategy was required to foster a love for not just an RV in general, but a very specific brand of RV.

Digital Marketing

Although RVers are constantly on the road, they do spend a lot of time online. Finding places where they would interact most with the brands they love was key to sharing product updates, sales initiatives and more. By combining YouTube, email and social media, Savvie created a dynamic digital strategy to engage RVers all over the country.

Social Media Strategy

We planned and created content calendars to execute a social media strategy that helped RV brands get from “uh” to “amazing.” Highlighting on-the-road must-haves, scenic views, maintenance tips and RV model walkthroughs kept audiences engaged.

Community Management

Let’s face it: RVs aren’t cheap, and eventually, owners might run into an issue. Where do most people turn to with customer complaints? Social media. By employing a robust social listening strategy, the Savvie team mitigated conflict, muted the trolls and helped triage customer service issues. But it’s not all negative either – we happily share the 5-star reviews, customer success stories and employee praise as well.

Website Development

A LOT of research goes into choosing an RV, it’s much more intricate than buying a car. From data imports in Airtable to floor plan graphics and spec sheets, the Savvie team developed an organized, customer-first website strategy to inform and educate potential customers.

Email Marketing

Although there was rarely a sale or coupon code to use for an RV that we could put in an email, Savvie utilized email marketing to inform and engage past and future customers. Our goal was to remain top-of-mind and relevant, so the next time a customer was in the market for an RV, they’d remember our clients’ brands.